Why MarketPros?

Because custom software solutions start with an understanding of what makes your business unique. The internet has changed the face of software development. It used to be custom software solutions were reserved for those with extremely deep pockets. Not only was the technology itself expensive to develop, but more importantly, even more expensive to adapt. Most still shudder at the thought of "moving to the new system". Long gone are the days of settling for that out of the box solution that created as many problems as it solved.

Our Strengths

Founded in 2006, MarketPros leverages an extensive library of tested solutions that come from over 10 years of custom website development. Our library composes the glue of an overall framework that allows us to focus our resources on what makes your business case unique. MarketPros has already built the foundation; so we can provide the blueprint for your custom marketing and online solution.

While we strive to do our best for every client, we recognize we can continuously improve upon our skill-sets. Here's how we rank our strengths.









Team of MarketPros

We are dedicated to providing your company with the most advanced Business Navigation tools found in the website design industry. That being said, we look forward to meeting you in person. In the meantime, please consider our profiles below as a virtual introduction...

Don is Founder, Owner and CEO for MarketPros. Following graduation from Kennesaw State, Don's 20+ year marketing and technology experience includes SAP Sales Consulting, Marketing Campaign Design, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and implementing a variety of other web programming languages.

Don offers small business over 10 years of solid website design experience and comprehensive business development, client support and a variety of enterprise resource planning solutions.

Don founded MarketPros in April of 2006 while desiging and maintaining imaginative websites for a variety of small to medium sized businesses and as a result, established a successful website design company business model.

Presently, Don is expanding the MarketPros System™ across America as THE GOTO SOURCE for affordable, creative, professional, custom websites and comprehensive marketing strategies that get verifiable and profitable results for Small Businesses just like yours!

As MarketPros' coding god, we're glad to have Brett on our team! While undertaking his undergraduate degree, Brett started a SaaS company, through which he developed an undying interest for the fast-paced tech industry.

Following graduation from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, Brett relocated back to his hometown in New Jersey. Moreover, an active participant in the Entrepreneurship Club secured Brett's selection to represent Rhodes College in the National Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) competition.

Brett's leadership and teamwork skills can be credited to his participation in collegiate-level football.

During college interludes, Brett interned at the United States Department of Defense, Better Business Bureau, and New Jersey Credit Union League.

Daniel Hicks

Copywriter and Junior Technical Advisor

Daniel is our on-staff copy writer; he loves to work with language. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and nearly so in Japanese.

Daniel is extremely sharp when it comes to helping us to convey our clients' ideas in a precise, conversational, yet professional manner. Daniel has spent over four years in biology research, and so can ensure the technical details of your product or service come across plainly to your prospects and clients.

Tina Liscio

Content Management and Junior Web Designer

Tina is one of the happiest people we know! While being an outstanding wife, mom and all around great community leader, Tina shines in creativity and web design!

Tina's greatest strengths in helping with client management, web design, content management and end-user testing produces client results better than expected when it comes to a delivering a top notch website.

Got questions? Interested in a custom quote?

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